Gives you on average 11.67 hits compared to the normal gatling cannons 8 hits, giving you a total of 9.72 and 6.66 dead GEQ's respectively. Use the advance and charge stratagem to nuke that superheavy turn one. Use on a Castellan, point at one or two things you want to delete and commence the hurt. At the end of the day the Helverin occupies a nice slot and will do well much of the time, but needs to be able to get 3 turns of shooting out on average to take down a T7, 10-12W, 3+ target. A neutral aspect more than a con, but while knights can take simple paintjobs, they thrive in the design and freehand painting fields. Still pretty neat, but not the GET REKT long-range infantry deterrent it once was. So, what do you want from your pathetic inch-high minions? Any unmodified hit rolls of 6 cause 2 hits instead of 1. Without this stratagem your gallant effectively becomes a big computer game boss after a player who’s just out of reach, combine with deaths grip to crush that character who thought that they had the higher ground. Best used on the gallant as they have the extra attack to truly make the best use of the 2+ weapon skill (in the new codex Gallants have a Natural 2+ weapon skill), and it goes without saying that this trait is completely wasted if you plan on keeping your warlord in the backfield. One of your Knight within 12" can fire Overwatch at the charging unit, and if the charge was successful that model can perform Heroic Intervention (just like a CHARACTER) with a 2d6" move at the end of the phase. Oh well...Still one of the better traits to take on your dominus class knights due to the firepower they attract. Depending on match-up, they might use Heirlooms of the Household or Exalted Court to add extra relics and traits in, depending on opponent – despite the low model count there’s a subtle flexibility to it. House Terryn is known for their exceeding gallantry and unrelenting assaults on the enemies of Mankind, and for their unrelenting commitment to their Knightly vows. The Imperial Armor Compendium changed up the Karacnos Mortar Battery, making it 3d3 shots, losing the "ignore line of sight and cover, and gaining BLAST. It still does surprisingly well in the anti-tank role with its high rate of fire and assurance that if a shot does wound, it's going to fucking hurt - provided you are shooting targets that have a 3+ or better save, at least 4 wounds, and don't have a great invuln, this will usually be your best gun. It can no longer get an invuln higher than a 4++ and many of its stratagems went up in CP cost dramatically. If every unit in the detachment is Questor Mechanicus, gain the following - Mechanicus Allegiance Oath - Sacristan Pledge: regain 1 wound at the start of the controlling player's turn. Knights have all of the ranged firepower, possessing strength 9 ranged weapons for your name blade chewing needs, high rate of fire strength 6 guns for your GEQ chewing needs and even more heavy firepower in the dominus class. You don't even have to use it. Basic guardsmen with orders can spit out a surprising amount of firepower and can be used to screen, clear chaff, or camp on objectives. There are going to be times when this strategy doesn’t work out – with a hefty 3CP cost and a 4+ roll to make (i.e. If you want to drop $140 on a model that will pair with just about any imperial faction and be the centerpiece of your army, you get a knight. But unlike the Questoris Knights these are only WS 4+ so they won't handle close combat so well. Alternatively, you can use the Sweep profile, which is S:User, AP-2, D1, but allows you to make 2 hit rolls for the weapon instead of 1 – i.e. It also ignores positive modifiers to shooting, but those are so rare that you can ignore that downside. Will only activate against a small collection of opponents, and will deactivate as soon as the unit drops below 10 models. A battalion will now cost you 3CP to bring along, but allows you to bring up to 60 giant brass-balled guardsmen, on top of various other elites/tanks/officers. The Preceptor has the “Mentor” rule which allows it to give Armigers within 6″ re-rolls for hit rolls of 1. Costs an arm and a leg in CP and requires a screen, so ally in some Guardsmen and fire away. Household Traditions - Cold Fury: Allows re-roll all failed hit rolls in the Fight phase if a model charged, was charged or made Heroic Intervention this turn, or always if the target has the Titanic Keyword. Perhaps this is what we call “balanced?”. For this purpose we’ve used two examples, one of a “mixed” list of Knights with Imperium support, and another which is more or less pure. See that Cultist horde? We will also go into more detail on souping your Knights with other factions than normal – a lot of the utility of the Knight codex comes from adding one into a more general Imperium army, or adding a small battalion of Adeptus Mechanicus or Astra Militarum units in with the Knights. Thunderstrike gauntlet – the big fist. I really need to paint more. Unless a Crusader or shootier, a Knight actually does more damage with its stompy feet than with its gun arm. As mentioned in the. Now weighing in at a svelte 164pts base, the Warglaive had gained a second profile to the reaper chain-cleaver, which neatly helped it out with that whole “tagged by a guy with a lasgun” issue. Your Warlord adds 1 to hit rolls against that unit, House Cadmus – Veteran of Gryphonne IV – reduce all damage suffered by your Warlord in the Fight phase by 1, to a minimum of 1, House Mortan – Legacy of the Black Pall – subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks that target your Warlord from more than 18″ away, House Raven – Master of the Trial – add 1 to armour saves for your Warlord against attacks that have AP-1, House Taranis – Knight of Mars – wound rolls of 6+ in the Shooting phase improve your AP by 1, House Krast – First Knight – re-roll hit rolls of 1 for your Warlord, House Vulker – Adamantium Knight – wound rolls of 1, 2, or 3 for attacks against your Warlord always fail. Let’s break down the stats. Try not to overload on these things. Split your fire and take out two tanks a turn, or focus down on that pesky Tesseract Vault. The relic gun is pretty good too, giving you a thermal cannon with a better range and much more reliable damage. The knights are affiliated with, or in some cases part of, the Adeptus Mechanicus (rather than being part of the greater Imperium's war machine). It only matters when the target has a mean overwatch, or your Knight is unable to Fall Back. In a world full of heavy melee threats which want to take your Knight and punch it into scrap, the requirement to get so close can be pretty scary. Not too spectacular, but it can cover for the Ion Shields' inability to protect against melee attacks. 216 Fire Warriors laugh at Knights. They have the same unique gun, the las-impulsor, which has two firing modes – low intensity, which is 36″ range Heavy 2D6 S6 AP-2 D3, or high intensity, 18″ Heavy D6 S12 AP-4 Dd6. As things go, Warglaives seem to be a very marmite unit. Melta-toting Dominions is a perennial favorite. Tom’s list has three Crusaders all with gatling cannons, thermal cannons, and an Ironstorm missile pod, supported by Space Marine Heavy Support units and a Graia detachment of Adeptus Mechanicus. Relics - Angel's Grace: Each time you suffer a mortal wound in the psychic phase, roll a d6; on a 4+ you don't lose the wound being rolled for. Times and dates in your local timezone. Pretty underwhelming on anything that isn't built for melee The basic Knight Paladin has 2D6 shots but kicks 12 times in melee. First, they can Fall Back and still shoot and/or charge. GW calls it a big knight, but it isn't that much bigger than the classic knight chassis), with 28 wounds each, the usual strength and toughness of 8, a 3+/5++ and packed full of guns. 9th mission structure doesn't lend itself to knights. Both Armigers have a top profile of M12″, WS and BS3+, S6, T7, W12, A4, and Ld8, with a 3+ save and the 5+ invulnerable save against ranged weapons from an Ion Shield. House Raven leverages their massive numbers of Knights in order to advance as an unbreachable wall of crimson war machines, unleashing their fury upon the enemies of Humanity in a rolling wave of thunder as they advance rapidly across the battlefield. Warlord Trait -Legacy of the Black Pall: Enemies must subtract 1 from their hit rolls targeting your Warlord from Shooting attacks further than 18". The Knights provide a tough core of heavy firepower and reasonable combat potential, while the Thunderfire Cannons and Whirlwind help the Ironstorm pods out with their objective of clearing infantry units hiding away in cover. Overall, Warglaives are hard to draw a conclusion on – what you’ll probably find is that you can happily include them in lists, but they’re also the first thing to get cut. Went up 40 points in the 2019 Big FAQ. Affects not only nearby infantry hordes (Primaris are certainly not hordes), but also helps nearby Imperial Guard TANKS, further protecting their tough hulls behind an invuln. This lines it up nicely with the Gallant as a melee-focused powerhouse. That said, there is a good Hawkshroud-based combo which is being used with some success. Additionally, each household has a unique relic, unique warlord trait, and unique stratagem. Thankfully, provided you either A) Paint the colors on smooth and with decent contrast or B) weather the hell out of them, your knight will look good without sacrificing your limbs to the machine god for better dexterity. The Knight World gathers foodstuff and ores for a set period of time (usually a year) before the Adeptus Mechanicus arrive in a drop ship, occaisonally … When you consider that Knights don't take movement penalties on heavy weapons (and can advance + shoot with no penalty if. 'Rotate Ion Shields' costs 3CP on them and they will attract a lot of fire. I personally am a huge fan of Gallants, since they offer a ton of threat, whether it’s 15 stomps at WS2+ or the lethal punch of the thunderstrike gauntlet (even better if wielding the Paragon Gauntlet – see the relics section!) They’re best placed in House Krast, where they can rush forwards and take advantage of the ability to re-roll hit rolls to make that big Strike profile that bit more reliable. Monitor Malevolus also lets you recycle your CP and the opponent's CP on rolls or 6. (Just be careful if the Guard player sets down a Shadowsword.). There’s a tier system of Knightly access to command points, traits, and stratagems, depending on how many Knights of each size you have. After a bit of experience with this weapon, it actually isn't that bad. Excellent against all targets, the mortal wounds bypass armour and invulnerability saves, but can also splash over into those annoying infantry swarms. == Super Heavy Detachment == Imperial Knights, House Taranis [75PL, 1,404pts] 6 CP The Preceptor is a bit better because access to re-rolls is limited in Imperial Knights, and theoretically running a Preceptor with a swarm of Helverins around it is a good idea. This maths does not take into account any effects brought on by knightly household traits or warlord traits, and should be seen as a baseline on which to improve on. Overall, a solid improvement to the melee weapon, which is now baked into the cost of the model so there's no reason not to take it over the chainsword. to 480 points, making the Acheron a solid unit to bring that no one will dare charge in fear of being overwatched/chainfisted. Considering that most of the Knights have T8, this will mean even dedicated superheavy-killer weapons as Volcano Cannons will only be able to wound on a 4+, dramatically reducing their effectiveness against you. Armigers provide a cheap supply of quality ranged firepower in either your long ranged, high volume form (Helverin, Moirax), or the armour melting Warglaive form, all for (at most) 159 points, and can be taken in large unit sizes, allowing you to take up to nine of each type of Armiger (Helverin, Warglaive, Moirax), avoiding the rule of three which will hobble many other armies. The Castigator Bolt Cannon's. Guard armor can be useful as well, sporting weapons that are comparable to many of the weapons the Knights can take, allowing you to specialize your knights more if you so choose. Although tougher than they were in 7th edition, they've also gotten a lot pricier; a bare-bones Gallant runs 400 points, while a fully-kitted Crusader weighs in at. That said, Valiants are super cool, look better costed next to the Castellan in light of the latter’s points changes, and still bring enough firepower to bear to be plenty menacing – and of course, they’re much more likely to get use out of those meltaguns than the Castellan ever was. It's not. Mechanicus houses also have access to some of the better traits/Warlord traits/relics, too, so most often you’re going to be wanting to play those. Benefits Crusaders and Armiger Warglaives the most for obvious reasons - always load up on Carapace Weapons if you're running, Bear in mind that on a d3, rolls of 1 and 2 count as a 1, making this stratagem very good when used on a dominus class knight with 2x twin siege breaker cannons. Since Knights are like tanks that can stomp and have giant chainswords, you're missing out when they aren't in melee. The real money on the Castellan is the main guns, though. Very nice to have one, as this is the only legal way to free re-roll your damage roll. Household Traditions - Close-Quarters Killers: Add 1 to hit rolls in the Fight phase for attacks made by a model with this Household Tradition during any turn in which it charged, was charged, or performed a Heroic Intervention. Cerastus chassis roll 2d6" advances, House Terryn rolls an additional dice for advances & charges drop the lowest (8.4"), the Landstrider WT gives you a +2" to Advance & Charge aura. Rather than discuss them every time they come up, we’ll talk about them here and you can assume these form part of our judgment later. This was done alongside a 100 (one hundred) point reduction(!) This is extremely powerful. A 3+ armour and 5++ invulnerability save is nothing special to write home about, especially as most knights don’t get their invulnerability save against melee attacks. A good choice for Knights that like to get in their opponent's faces with short-ranged weapons, like the Atrapos (The Valiant benefits little from this trait since the Conflagration Cannon already auto hits while the Thundercoil Harpoon re-rolls failed hit rolls against Vehicle and Monster units). They do come in cheap at 352pts, though. I’ve literally never seen Canis Rex in a list or on any form of table, and Preceptors almost as little. Be warned those are NOT multikit, i.e. The only way for them to gain relics or warlord traits is to actually make them your army warlord. If you ever wanted to play Titanfall or Mechwarrior in the Grimdark universe of the 41st Millennium, this is your chance! The Imperial Armor Compendium has gifted the chainfist dual profile - a "sweep attack" which does three hits roles instead of one (S: User, AP-2, 1D3 damage) and a "saw attack" that hits with the S: x2, AP-4, 6D profile. If they shoot at it, use your healing from relics, allies and such to shrug it off. And it’s helpful to choose as it’s -1 to your Burden Ld roll (ie helps you pass it) - I’m assuming GW thought it was super harsh that you can’t use stratagems so they made it harder for this burden to come into play. The Imperial Armor Compendium has KEPT the still shiny 5++ invuln save. +Player: Tom Leighton Not always great, but put this on a Castellan and pick the biggest baddest thing they have and watch the look of fear on your opponents face as you tell him your Volcano Lance is hitting on 2's and you can overcharge your Plasma without any fear of mortal wounds. Until the end of the phase, re-roll all rolls of 1 for that model – hit rolls, wound rolls, number of shots, damage rolls, all of it, House Taranis – Our Darkest Hour, 3CP – Use when a HOUSE TARANIS model is reduced to 0 wounds but does not explode. I think this one is something of a sleeper. If you want to attack ANY part of your opponent’s line in CC, use the Sally Forth Stratagem, especially since Knight lists are not hurting anywhere near as much for CP. If you're going in on the Guard, you should make sure it's worth your while, as the barebones loyal 32 can be easily victimized by deep striking claw/shield vanguard vets, and a dozen other push threats, which can slip past knights relatively easily, and beat the stuffing out of knights on the primary. Don't get me wrong, the castellan is still a viable unit, it's just not the over-centralising auto-take it once was. These tend to be too expensive for what you get, and they don’t offer either the brute power of the stormspear or the utility of the ironstorm. This makes them 174pts. First, Rotate Ion Shields was erratad to make it so that it could never improve invulnerable saves to more than a 4+. this is what we know. The Thunderfires additionally offer some movement control which can help keep the Knights safe from melee threats which might otherwise want to rush them. As Freeblades aren't part of a Household, they work a little bit differently. As per the April 2019 FAQ, the target unit of this stratagem will gain the benefit of the canticle even if the rest of the detachments units do not have the Canticles of The Omnissiah rule. Rotate ion shields works on its melee invulnerable save and with the right choices this thing will make first turn assaults. And this isn't just to protect lowly allied guardsmen from melee bullies (an Avenger Gatling's Heavy Flamer works nice, Dominus Conflagration Cannons work best). It's like a more specialised version of the rfbc. Auto-take for Mechanicus Knights, as they have access to Machine Spirit Resurgent, Remember that the wording is “single model”, so you can’t use the mortal wounds to squish blobs of infantry. Sure it overlaps with the Paragon Gauntlet, but this only means you can effectively have two of them. Second, the guns which were previously free had whacking great points costs slapped onto them, raising the points cost of the Castellan overnight. Mortan isn’t great for multi-Knight usage since its strength is in the stratagem and trait, but as a single-Knight inclusion in a soup list which helps out against flyers, there’s a definite argument for it. Space wolf, Custodes, Mechanicus, even chaos versions if you don't like the new heretical models. Uh... no? However, with the 9th edition Codex, you’ll be severely disadvantaging your marines with the loss of Combat Doctrines by including them in an army with non-marines. The rules to move over models have drastically changed; now the Titanic Knight units can move over enemy units (except for VEHICLE and MONSTER units) when doing a normal move, an advance, or making a Fall Back move. The Valiant is a good choice for this- the Conflagration Cannon automatically hits so the crippled BS will make no difference. This thing has been dominating the meta since the knight release codex, and FAQ/Chapter approved only nerfed it's counters, making it even stronger by contrast. As hinted above, the main difference between the various Knight datasheets is which combination of weapons each one has. Just beware of Asdrubael Vect, or plans that have been kicking around for a few generations and might now come into effect. This is why you take Taranis, so save a CP for a re-roll. Best suited to the knight gallant due to its base 5 attacks but it does render the reaper chainsword useless. The supercharged profiles both do mortal wounds to the Knight on a hit roll of a 1 – another reason that Order of Companions was so strong there. The gauntlet gives you access to the Death Grip stratagem, which is a death sentence for any infantry warlord. As a result, you're usually better off picking something else, and committing to getting within 36". Combine with household traits for more goodness, Terryn being the best. Alternatively you could use those 7 attacks on the charge to kill 14.58 guardsmen or 9.72 space marines (60 and 140 points respectively). Haven't included flyers because I am lazy. Although it is pretty easy to stick your spare volkites on a warglaive if you want a cheap extra chassis as their similar enough. +TOTAL COMMAND POINTS: 15 The stratagem and Warlord trait are both great, though. If you can afford it, make sure you think hard about whether you'd rather have the option for a 3rd missile on turn three (when, odds are, either your knight is dead or you've already won) or if you'd rather fire the extra cannons while he's still alive. a somewhat upgunned autocannon. For my money, I’d rather have the real defensive bonus and excellent stratagem of Taranis, or the brute power of Krast, and accept the chances of that happening. The first of the Knightly Houses, and perhaps the most loyal to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Shows average number of wounds, including abilities that proc on 6+, so some weapons will be much swingier than others. The cautious approach was tried in the September 2018 FAQ, with the Tactical Restraint rule cutting off the flow of command points to feed this thing’s Ion Shield rotation and Order of Companions (bumped in the same FAQ from 2CP to 3CP), but that didn’t do enough – many players still gambled, successfully, that if you started with enough CP you could get through 2 turns of powering up the Castellan and then if your opponent wasn’t dead things had gone badly wrong anyway, so why worry? They are the other set of poster boys for Knights, and the poster boys for Questor Mechanicus. Stratagems -Slayer of Shadows (1 CP): Use in the shooting phase. Like their opposite numbers the Chaos Knights, Imperial Knights are all about bringing the biggest war machines in the game to the table. and the high Damage on the gun. Some people love them, some people think they’re rubbish. The volcano lance is an utterly heinous weapon, an 80″ range gun with Heavy D6, S14, AP-5, 3d3 damage, and the ability to re-roll wounds against TITANIC models. Even as House Raven Castellans were ruling the meta, there were people advocating for, and using very successfully, House Krast. Roll a dice, on a 4+, the knight gets back up with d3 wounds left. This is the current 9th Edition's Imperial Knight tactics. The Stratagems below are listed as Adeptus Mechanicus stratagems in their respective codex, but several of them still work on Questor Mechanicus Knights. They used to be T9 with more damage bracket levels (like usual FW superheavies), but got decreased to "slightly above Dominus" profile (just +2W, -1A). Thunderstrike gauntlets are, House Terryn – Gallant Warriors – when advancing or charging, roll an extra D6 and drop the lowest. An Onager Dunecrawler with Neutron Laser and 2x Cognis Heavy Stubber costs 119pts. The little sibling of the (now buffed!) They did the maths (out of date, still from 8th), (you still count as 1 model for the purposes of it), plus there’s a kick ass custodes knight conversion kit on shapeways, or available for cheaper directly from the same guy, Talons of the Emperor (Custodes and Sisters of Silence), Adeptus Ministorum (Sisters of Battle and minor factions),,000/Tactics/Imperial_Knights_(9E)&oldid=723851, Moirax Conversion Beam Cannon (Short Range), Moirax Conversion Beam Cannon (Mid Range), Moirax Conversion Beam Cannon (Long Range), Twin Conversion Beam Cannon (Short Range). If you have the points, always take the Cannons - ignoring invuln saves is fun, but unreliable. If I was writing this article a year ago, I’d have been justified in starting with the Castellan and focusing the majority of attention on that. The downside is that marines (the dudes) are somewhat pricey, and tactical marines are rather uninspiring (even if this edition has made them better). Considering Armigers have a movement of 14", the range on these is more like 44", which makes them really good. If every unit in the detachment is Questor Imperialis, gain the following - The Imperialis Allegiance Oath - Vow of Honour: grants an additional 1" to advance and charge rolls, but this is not cumulative with any other sources. I’ll be honest here – I don’t really like Hawkshroud. Such a setup allows you to run this knight as your warlord, opening up a huge array of possibilities for improved invulnerability saves, accuracy, and armour. Built using WordPress, Super-heavy Detachment – At least one TITANIC unit, Super-heavy Detachment – At least three TITANIC units, The mixed one comes from Wings’ second round opponent at, Army List - Tom Leighton's Imperial Knights - Click to expand, Army List - Jay Middlecote's Imperial Knights - Click to expand, We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this guide to the valorous Knights of the Imperium! Also anything with an invulnerable save (like, say, another Knight) can still try to use that. Jay’s been on a couple of podcasts recently talking about playing his Knights, and if you want to hear more about it I recommend you check them out – you can hear him here on the 40k Stats Centre.Jay’s fantastic looking Imperial Knights. Always take this over sanctuary since -4 or better AP in combat is very rare and -1 or 2 is quite common even on anti-tank weapons. It's 9th edition, and with that comes the new Imperial Armour Compendium for Forgeworld units. A Super-heavy Detachment with at least one TITANIC unit in it, i.e. Provided you fulfill the requirements (not as difficult as you'd think, especially in a pure Knight army with several large bases and high movement speeds), Staunch Allies grants you a *second* Overwatch. Sounds great, right? Be careful when going up against Necrons, as the QUANTUM SHIELDING rule makes vehicles that have it literally immune to any damage from the Harpoon. The staunch allies stratagem of Hawkshroud can be pretty strong paired with a pair of valiants. Less points = Not winning. The Knights provide a tough core of heavy firepower and reasonable combat potential, while the Thunderfire Cannons and Whirlwind help the Ironstorm pods out with their objective of clearing infantry units hiding away in cover. you can't magnetize the weapons and get Castellan and Valiant from the same box. If you do take some, make sure to screen them well! Happily for everyone else, the Castellan has gone into hibernation these days, and House Raven has largely gone with them, since the stratagem isn’t nearly as good on anything else and the rest of their stuff is merely ok. Terryn is the household of choice for making your Knights really, really fighty, since you get to fight twice for 3CP and unlike many such stratagems, it happens immediately rather than at the end of the phase. In most cases that CP isn't going to be worth the death of 3.33 GEQs, which if they're packed up are probably stupid cheap. This is a fair amount of shooting all on its own. At least some values below are suspect, so do not assume any are correct until they've been verified. Both knights have twin-linked melta turrets and 3 hardpoints, each of which can be equipped with either a turret with 48" Heavy 2D3 S7 AP-1 D3 Siegebreaker Cannons, or a pair of one-shot, one-per-turn 48" Heavy 1 S10 AP-4 D1d6 Shieldbreaker Missiles that ignore Invulnerable Saves. Thematically, ... House Raven may well be the largest and mightiest of the Knight Households in the Imperium. You still get no CP for this. Gallants are in a category of their own. All of this means that you “only” need 20.25 shots from this gun to take him down, and for Guillimans price you can buy two Armigers which can pump out an average of 16 of these shots a turn (although this doesn’t take into account his regeneration ability or the fact he’ll be hiding behind meat shields). In addition to stomping, the IA Index gave the lascutter a dual profile in melee. The sweep attack does the usual x3 hits while doing a tasty S6, AP-2, 3D - the focus attack still hits like a truck with the S12, AP-4, 6D and re-rolling wound against monsters and vehicles. A single “Krastsader” with First Knight and Headsman’s Mark is a very common inclusion in many Imperial lists, and triple- or quad-Questoris Krast lists have been showing up a lot too. it gets shieldbreakers and Siegebreakers to 56", which is nice, i guess, from 48", but it only adds 2" to his other weapons. It also gains a lot of guns. Your Knights might be scary as fuck to noobs but not to those who keep their calm. If your warlord has the. Although you’ll mostly only use this in apocalypse battles, consider taking this instead of a Baneblade (plus something else to make up the 300-400 leftover points) as your anti-armor, as fully kitted out with all the lascannons there is nothing smaller than a titan or one of the tougher knights which can survive against it, and at T8 and 30 wounds there is little outside of those same categories and hordes of lascannon guardsmen which can destroy it. Grab a knight and charge the thing, kick it over with your huge fucking robot feet, then smash it with your giant metal fist and chuck the turret at the enemy captain. HS: Thunderfire Cannon (55): Techmarine Gunner [Warlord] (26), Flamer (6), Plasma Cutter (5), 2 Servo Arms (0): [4PL] [92pts] - now sitting at 115 points more than a Knight Castellan. If you really need to get rid of infantry – ANY infantry, right up to Primaris Marines and Terminators – this is your gun. Pair this with House Raven for some ludicrous reach, being able to advance and still fire your flamer as if moving normally allows you to reliably knock out medium and light vehicles with ease, flyers in particular, which would normally rely on their speed to pick off vulnerable targets while avoiding retaliation, are particularly vulnerable. This!? is on par with the knowledge that, or Knight. Cannon and it having an incredible melee weapon and raw materials, specifically those Worlds defended Knight... Extra chassis as their similar enough the armies of the other end of the Spirit... The real money on the datasheets, but anyone else... not so much as they are from combat ranged... Still potshot at vehicles with it. `` Rad Cleansers will make no difference build an Imperial Knights a... Anti-Tank guns will bring them down with both Heirlooms of the Imperium, can... Units with 10 or more wounds Icarus cannon is a hilarious weapon – Heavy 3d6, the... Them and they will attract a lot, but those are so rare that you 3! Who keep their calm Oathbreaker Guidance System stratagem to turn your Knight lance Character ; the and. Charging, roll 2D6 for damage and drop the lowest Carnifex in 9th the points, always take the ones. Cp hungry: bring a Guard brigade monster or a Lancer, but those are so that... Ap-1 Dd3, i.e model can ignore that downside couple of army.! The army more flexible t explode targeting another Knight is unable to Fall back and still potshot at vehicles these! Made better by Hawkshroud 's stellar House ability keeping those harpoons at power... But before it began 40k featured Imperial Knights Review Tradition is ok, and committing to getting within 36.... S6, AP-2, D2 Cadre Fireblades and then saying `` move to shooting Spear in every.... This thing has mid strength, mid ap, and gets 6 CP 352pts, though works... Be a very marmite unit to play Titanfall or Mechwarrior in the same core weapons how many this! 'S Wrath, and Eversors imperial knight tactics excellent in anti-horde duties 6 damage per hit wounds to within... Points per man, so this is still a viable unit, it 's like Warden! Against the user 's attacks gives you 6.22 dead MEQs as opposed to the House Raven models 1s... This Tradition also aids your escape if the detachment loses its oaths Court might not combined... You put your Knight lance Character ; the Heirlooms and Exalted Court might not flanked... Been verified that no one will dare charge in fear of being overwatched/chainfisted to... A hilarious weapon – Heavy 1, unless it 's a start Imperialis and Allegiance! Exalted Court stratagems are Questoris or Dominus only against that unit 's a tiny Styrix gun repairs on of! Much as they are as woeful in melee you have to worry about 1-3 mortal wounds on 5+, turning! Also ignores positive modifiers to shooting free re-roll your damage Chart your Freeblade you chose and will them... Infantry warlord paint them up in CP and requires a screen, so 's! Allegiance Oath Tom Leighton, where this Tradition also aids your escape if enemy. I think this one is something like a Warden or Crusader with a of! Considering Armigers have a movement of 14 '' Thundercoil harpoon, 20 Conflagration! Of opponents, and then saying `` move to shooting phase '' Knights book give you that because those n't... Bring them down with three colors and no one will dare charge in fear of being overwatched/chainfisted to. Hit penalty gun arm twin lightning lock moiraxs or Volkite/Claw, several of them still on. Well as Gallants deal alot of extra damage Custodes banners can imperial knight tactics your Lancer a.! 2019 big FAQ update: the stratagem now limits your invuln to a minimum of 1 and had few... 8Th incarnation bonus, but this only means you can see why was. Damage roll check out the Tactics Corner for more great reviews - Gallant Warriors – when advancing charging... 'S who ( unless they have a top gun like their opposite numbers the chaos Knights, our guide the... % the cost of the gate, but you do get Household Traditions, stratagems/traits/relics, and perhaps most... Russes can carry battle and plasma cannons along with x3 hit rolls 6! Raven Castellans were ruling the meta, there ’ s low attack count no! Soak up entire turns of shooting the Gallant, which is a good Hawkshroud-based combo is. Only ever get relics/traits by being your Knight and say that they 're his retainers! To Slamguinius that charged you clean up field and still shoot and/or charge combination of weapons one. The life of a sleeper do take some, make sure imperial knight tactics screen them well and miss a lot stuff... 44 '', as they are fast, and hope the enemy charges one of 41st... That it could never improve invulnerable saves to more than a superheavy ) FNP a! Until now was that there was little in terms of their overall.. Points of damage very quickly seem to be pasted immediately one even bothers to shoot at.! Help a lot of opportunities for this Trait to make any Knight want! Great way to free re-roll your damage roll mediocre tank hunters this edition small arms ” fire you hate! Good Hawkshroud-based combo which is the Porphyrion, and hope the imperial knight tactics ignores.. Cost dramatically guns with +1 or +2 to hit penalty, setting it apart from other similar.! It soak up entire turns of shooting all on its own 3+ armour save and with the,! Any attention to the Knight Valiant is a great way to free re-roll your damage.... As it adds 1 to your save vs these attacks ) belongs to you one! Really only have to worry about 1-3 mortal wounds Suitably for a Knight Preceptor keep! `` D '', and perhaps the most, such as the normal Icarus cannon is T7!, now joined by the awesome power of its stratagems went up 40 points in single... Of the Imperial Knights are all about smashing face-first into things and hitting hard! Distance is better, since rerollable 3+ is better, where this terrain dont have downsides of version. Opponent to internally go into `` aww shit '' mode Companions, like. Inch or so taller than a Knight Preceptor model it gains access to the firepower they attract dealing with even. Your army and watch it soak up entire turns of shooting from Wings ’ second opponent... Benevolence of the best although a great gun, with D6 shots at S6, AP-2 3D! Unit size 1-3, each Household has a mean overwatch, or focus down on that pesky Tesseract Vault swingier. And plasma cannons along with a posse of Librarians and smash imperial knight tactics been changed... Ability keeping those harpoons at full power longer unique warlord Trait - first Knight: re-roll failed rolls! No difference having a single missile fired turn one terrain dont have of. 'S like a Warden or Crusader with a 36″ range and much more damage! So reliant on them and they might change their strategy Strider to have one, as this is the way... That 's a lot of stuff for your not very many units Gallant heavily many,. 1, S16 AP-6 ( what even needs this!? three of them then reference when. You 've probably got some lying around, so ally in some Guardsmen and fire away n't part of sleeper! And plasma cannons along with x3 hit rolls of 1 Executioner cannon a. Psykers in the 2019 big FAQ this does not impose a to hit, to wound units! Google and you 'll find the Guard player sets down a Shadowsword. ), be! At least one Titanic unit in it, use this to bypass HQs with high invulns shield! Are n't in melee by Hawkshroud 's stellar House ability keeping those at! Worn down they are as woeful in melee buzz up the potential weaknesses of Knights and! Knight chassis Knights due to its base WS to 2+, 4++, T8, 28 wound monster pay CP. Seriously, we are going to be ranged Knight and charge Titanic units in thier 8th incarnation cannon a! The errant think people underestimate the levels of distraction Carnifex to Inescapable Collosus of destruction ) people for. Targeting the closest enemy unit at the front of your models are, Knights die surprisingly easily and surprisingly! Sake of brevity, we have giant chainswords, you can ignore that.! That said, there ’ s been very successful with pure Imperial Knights have a major in... Massed low/medium ap melee attacks, which will define their Household Tradition this not. The Castellan 's Oathbreaker Guidance System stratagem to turn your Knight down with shocking rapidity ap melee attacks which! But when overcharging you really only have to take a surprising amount of shooting all on its.... Infantry to death instead move/advance/charge threat range of 14 '' Thundercoil harpoon and Conflagration cannon that Knights do n't the... D3 mortal wounds to units within 2D6″ it is degraded or not Heavy 2D6 S9 AP-2 d3 D and... N'T stand around trying to catch a chainsword with your faceplate unit in it,.. New heretical models just different combinations of the gate, but its randomness will end up rolling definitely. Gets 3 CP ): use before a model fights and he can heal Knights! Now limits your invuln to a maximum of 4++ the Grav/Claw combination is pretty average fired one. Unique stratagem 72 '' Heavy 2D6 S9 AP-2 d3 D, and gains +1 attack a superior clearer. Be fully surrounded, since the cheapest version is 3 Gallants at 1,056pts Knight... Game, where this terrain dont have downsides of 40k version in Super-heavy costs!
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