Although the metal shearing process can be used with various diameters and is often cost-effective for high-volume operations, shearing is not ideal for lengths under 0.125” (3.175 mm). At first, cracks form in the sheet on both the top and bottom edges (marked T and T', in the figure). The circular sheet metal cutters … Slitting can be performed in a straight line or on a curved path. Slitting is a shearing process in which the sheet metal is cut by two opposing circular blades, like a can opener. This work hardened zone can extend one-half metal thickness from the cut … Cut, sheared, punched or trimmed sheet metal edges have reduced stretchability due to localized work hardening. That is because the force of the shearing … In addition, metal shearing cannot be considered burr-free cutting. Operation: Never use the shear for cutting metal that is beyond the … O:\Student Support and Training\Health and Safety\SOP's\SOP_Sheet Metal Shear - Foot Operated.doc CENTRAL OFFICE USE ONLY 2. Shearing starts as the punch presses against the sheet metal.
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