Show. We also offer pepper spray holders that work great with duty … $5.59. Set Descending Direction. Rothco carries an extensive line of pepper sprays and self-defense sprays, including Sabre Red Pepper Spray, Pepper Gel, Tear Gas and more. View as Grid List. Sort By. $17.06. Rating: 0%. per page. SABRE Pepper Spray … Get multiple uses out of your pepper spray; SABRE Red pepper spray has a 4-year shelf life (2x the competition) and is refillable (refill canister SR-MK-20-R). Keep your pepper spray within reach with the tactical clip; Easily slide the pepper spray on a belt for quick access if you need it. ... SABRE Red's pepper gel formula is safer than traditional pepper spray as it does not atomize in the air, o­ffering greater containment of the spray … Pepper Spray Pistol With 2x OC canisters & 1X H20 (Water) Training … Tactical; Pepper Spray; Pepper Spray. Duracell Coppertop 9-Volt Alkaline Battery. SABRE Tactical Pepper Gel with Flip Top and Belt Holster. These options may not be ideal for everyday self-defense though, since they’re harder … In tactical scenarios, you want the big cans of pepper spray that let you deal with multiple targets and keep spraying. POM Pepper Spray Flip Top Pocket Clip - Maximum Strength OC Spray for Self Defense - Tactical Compact & Safe Design - 25 Bursts & 10 ft Range - Powerful & Accurate Stream Pattern 4.7 out of 5 … Product Overview. 6 Items .
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