The DelBay ships have the same construction. Makes me wonder if one of these boats is currently resting on Curtis Bay, MD. The wife and I are daredevils and decided to swim out at high tide to the only visable boat above water. Just ask the sport fishermen who utilize the waters every day. On November 7, 1925, 31 of the ships were burned. In October 2015, President Barack Obama announced that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was evaluating Mallows Bay for potential designation as a national marine sanctuary. Reader Liz Johnson shares her picture and story of the boat below: Attached please find the photo of the old abandoned boat. The bid failed when it was discovered the watermen had partnered up with the local power company who was looking to re-claim the land around Mallows Bay for private enterprise. The company initially planned to tow each vessel to Alexandria, Virginia, remove any machinery, and tow it back to Widewater where they would burn the hull, leaving only the metal fittings behind for further salvage. Together with our partners, we’ve produced a Paddler’s Guide to Mallows Bay, a self guided tour to help you explore the Ghost Fleet by kayak. Shomette’s ghost ship obsession didn’t dissipate over the years — rather it shaped his life, driving him to become a marine archaeologist and historian. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story, Liz. These organizations argued that leaving the wrecks in Mallows Bay would protect the environment flourishing at the site and prevent pollution caused by a disposal process. Liz, I have come across this ship, recently. Has anyone else seen this vessel other then me? Lol Then we find this very article!! live 15 mins from here go fishing there alot. As World War II approached, the threat of war saw the price for scrap metal skyrocket. Complaints from local watermen and nature activists halted the operations at Widewater on the Potomac. Learn how your comment data is processed. Again this is the reason why you are not allowed in this area any longer. They would take a … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The positive ID is the telltale criss-cross steel reinforcing straps along the hull. Such an interesting article so much history. Although the wooden steamships proved themselves effective in the years immediately following the war, a combination of factors ultimately eliminated their usefulness. Thanks for the tips about Artificial Island and Arnold Point, I’ll have to explore those on the map. By the 1960s-70s, the old farmhouse was abandoned, like the boat. The National Trust for Historic Preservation, on October 26, 2017 anointed it as a National Treasure, and it is already a National Register Historic and Archaeological District which draws an increasing number of visitors each year. The sixties saw a renewed effort to clean up the area, with Congress bending to the calls of local watermen and initially approving the Army Corps of Engineers to spend up to $350,000 to clean up Mallows Bay. Complicating the situation were allegations of poor construction; corners were allegedly cut to speed up the building process. More importantly, testimony by the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, National Audubon Society, and U.S. Department of the Interior also demonstrated that the wrecks had become an integral part of the local ecosystem and were actually benefiting the environment. My father had his houseboat docked there back in the 80’s and old man Wilson ran the place. Artificial Island is the home of the Salem/Hope Creek nuclear power plant now. To save time and money the builders used wood rather than the more expensive steel, at the time reserved for vessels that would see combat. The story of the ships at Mallows Bay begins when the United States entered World War I. It wasn’t until the 1960s that salvage efforts were again proposed. Actually, if you go up on top of the hill above the boat ramp and near the picnic tables, there are kiosk with an abbreviated version of the history and some photo’s. But before they could do that, Western Marine went bankrupt. On the Maryland side of the Potomac River just west of Chesapeake Bay, the largest shipwreck fleet in the Western Hemisphere sits half-sunk and decomposing. The dire economy of the Great Depression took down Western Marine with it – they would file for bankruptcy in 1931 and abandon the ships at Mallows Bay. by John H. Lienhard. However, when I requested Chatterton’s history from one of the descendants, she marked that part out of the papers she sent me. Experts estimate the remains visible in Mallows Bay today only represent 30% of the fleet sent there for salvage. He knew nothing of the mallow bay history. A year and a half into the program, this was well behind schedule. This was the first federal agency tasked with promoting a U.S. merchant marine and regulating U.S. commercial shipping. This was particularly true of the wooden steamships, which were less desirable given the availability of newly built steel vessels. To avoid relocating the ships again, the company began disposing of the vessels more quickly, most notably on November 7, 1925 when 31 ships were set aflame at once and their burned-out hulls towed further into the bay for salvaging. It’s a nice place for a hike, also – just keep on the trails. It’s great when a long buried question gets answered. “Western Marine & Salvage Co., Alex, VA.” Glass negative. The Ships of Mallows Bay For those who navigate in and around the waters of Mallows Bay, the spectral remains of more than 80 wooden steamships reflect a forgotten era in U.S. maritime history; still they have survived, silently submerged with their stories for close to a century. Coincidence.Discovered this Mallow Bay thread only a week ago, and really enjoyed. Liz – I would love to see it! When Bethlehem Steel was done, there were still over 100 ship hulks left in the bay. Click here for audio of Episode 1387. For me, Mallows Bay stands as a monument to our nation’s evolving role in the world.” Also, National Geographic had a story in the Oct 1969 issue with some great pix. Nov 4, 2015 - he strange voyage of the ghost fleet. The EFC made the decision to build wooden steamships due to the abundance of lumber and doubts as to whether steel production could meet the demand. To help meet the demand, the Shipping Board created the Emergency Fleet Corporation (EFC) ten days later. They were sunk in a ring formation to make a breakwater for the dredging equipment used to deepen the Delaware River channel and create the island. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Tim Chester: just found this – Morris Springer was my maternal grandfather. Thanks for sharing your personal story with us, I bet that wood has been put to better use with your family than it would have otherwise. Just 30 miles south of Washington, D.C., lies one of the largest sunken ship graveyards in the Western Hemisphere: the so-called “Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay.” Another historical kayaking gem of the Potomac River, Mallows Bay is home to more than 200 partially submerged wooden ships, which were built during World War I to carry goods accross the Atlantic. Thank you for your comments. Call Number: LC-F8- 34269 [P&P]. Disposing of ships en masse did not become the standard procedure, however, and the salvage operations returned to their slower pace. Do you have any pictures of your table? The National Marine Sanctuary System, encompassing 13 sanctuaries and two marine national monuments, protects 430 … The United States’ entry into World War II in 1941 revived the government’s need for scrap metal, and a large amount still remained at Mallows Bay. Aerial photo of the ship graveyard in Mallows Bay, circa 1942 The story of the ships at Mallows Bay begins when the United States entered World War I. If entry is banned in the area, how come the Charles County Parks and Recreation Department has such wonderful public access facilities there, and literally hundreds upon hundreds of folks visit it every week from the Spring through the Fall months?
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